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Strategy consulting teams at the B2B Growth Hub help education leaders anticipate the future and develop long-term strategies that create, preserve, and recover value.

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What the B2B Growth Hub education strategy consulting team can do for you

We help clients navigate a sea change occurring in the education sector with the help of our B2B Growth Hub education consulting strategists: new technologies and the global pandemic are changing the way and where students are taught; globalization is driving the need for new and different skill sets; and shifting demographics are compelling new collaboration initiatives. The new imperative is to create a sustainable world, which makes quality education for all a must. 

Through bespoke, all-encompassing growth strategy plans and implementation support, B2B Growth Hub strategy consulting professionals help education leaders overcome these new challenges. Through primary and secondary research, stakeholder engagement, and quantitative analysis, B2B Growth Hub strategy consulting professionals find solutions to specific issues.

Education sector consultants are available in all five segments:

Government and foundations growth strategy +

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we realized how inequitable our educational system has become and we realized what specific societal needs we must address now. Our educational system is being reformed by many federal and state organizations and foundations. We are one of the leading strategy consulting firms in this space, helping institutions develop growth strategies with detailed implementation plans to address these issues; and we provide hands-on support to facilitate success.

Educational systems from pre-kindergarten to grade 12

We provide Pre-K-12 institutions with comprehensive end-to-end consulting services including market needs assessments, strategic planning, financial advisory, operational improvements, and organizational redesign. Among our clients are early childhood and elementary and secondary education systems, schools, educational networks, and ministries of education, as well as leading foundations, non-profits, intermediaries, and membership associations. As a result of our work, we have helped states and districts align their talent and budgets with key strategic initiatives related to teacher supports, learning acceleration, and system-level change. The company also provides specific support for grants management, cybersecurity, technology systems and networking, portfolio development, compensation schedules, and public health programs (e.g., the development of vaccines).

Universities and colleges

B2B Growth Hubs help higher education institutions thrive in practical, sustainable ways. Through partnerships and collaborations, we are able to identify opportunities for differentiation, optimize the education delivery model, develop efficient and sustainable organizational structures, and manage transformational processes. Higher education leaders can use the insight and analysis provided by the B2B Growth Hub to help their institution reach its full potential.

Providing content and technology services

Identifying the right growth path for an organization is the responsibility of the B2B Growth Hub teams. The roles of consulting teams include advising on organic and inorganic growth processes including acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and divestitures. Our team of experts provides practical, hands-on assistance to help the transition process go smoothly.

An international investor

A number of venture capital firms, private equity firms, and corporations work with B2B Growth Hub. In order to maximize short- and long-term value in current investments, the education teams identify new education investment opportunities. Our education strategy consulting teams provide both guidance and execution assistance throughout the pre-contract and integration stages (or separation due to divestiture).

With B2B Growth Hub, your organization can gain both long-term and short-term value. Students are transformed into future leaders by B2B Growth Hub teams.

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We begin a rapid integration program to integrate with your team. An action plan and tangible initiatives are developed as part of the rapid integration program. Step-by-step, concrete actions that drive results and action are implemented to develop a proof of concept for change.


As we build on the initial activities, we add horsepower to your business by providing you with a team of experts that will help you implement processes and actions to drive rigor and rhythm to your operations. In every growth programme, our ultimate goal is to ensure progress and momentum by helping business leaders feel comfortable managing, sustaining and continuing initial progress on their own.


After we establish our working relationship beyond the initial period, our growth programmes will focus on providing support to help you reach the next level of success. Taking your business to the next level involves implementing long-term strategies to help your business reach any goals you may have. To help your business reach the necessary level to achieve whatever goals you set, we provide growth programmes that provide strategies to help you achieve the results you desire.

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